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Acting Tools are available for students in U.S. grades 5-8 (ages 10-13) for each of our four plays: Othello, Henry V, Hamlet, or Julius Caesar.

Acting Tools for grades 3-4 and 4-5 (ages 8-10) are in development.

Each is an excellent companion to the Professional Development Guide for Teachers and Directing Tools for Teachers.

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Henry V

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Julius Caesar

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Acting Tools are available in print book format or Amazon Kindle e-Book.
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Acting Tools for Students contain:

Acting Scripts

Children love to speak the language and rejoice in playing the characters. Field-tested, developmentally and age appropriate 40-minute school plays are 100% Shakespeare’s text. Extensive footnotes and pronunciation guides in the glossary will turn your students into English-speaking actors in no time. You might be surprised at just how much they enjoy suiting the actions to Shakespeare’s words!

Cast of Characters

Who’s Emilia to Desdemona in Othello? Who are the conspirators in Henry V? If you have questions like that then this who’s who will be a useful tool. Relationships are briefly described and a pronunciation guide is provided.

The Rehearsal Process

Practice practice practice! This chapter introduces students to the process of rehearsing a play and includes information about learning lines, how to note stage directions, and self-assessment.

Plot Synopsis

Rich with new vocabulary, the plot synopsis can be used to introduce, reinforce, and check for understanding about the sequence of actions. It can also be useful for read alouds to get students thinking about the characters and plot before acting it out.

In My Own Words Worksheets

Worksheets are for students to paraphrase Shakespeare’s text into their own words prior to rehearsing the play. Teachers can check for understanding

by collecting the Worksheets and comparing them to either your own paraphrase or that provided in the Contemporary English Version included separately in Directing Tools for Teachers. Student Worksheets are also available for free download in .doc and .docx formats on the STAGEiT! website in case you and your students need more space or don’t want to rip pages from the book!

The Culminating Performance

A performance by students can be a learning experience for community members who attend. Tips for audience take-aways and creating a program are included so students can take a leading part in sharing their work, and what they’ve learned, with an audience. There’s a free download in .doc and .docx formats for this, too!

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