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This book is a resource for classroom teachers with little to no drama experience, teaching artists, homeschoolers, parents, community arts organizations that partner with schools, and others with a strong interest in engaging students, U.S. grades 5-8 (ages 10-13), in a 40-minute production of Othello, Henry V, Hamlet, or Julius Caesar.

Directing Tools for Teachers is optimally matched with the STAGEiT! Acting Tools for Students and Professional Development Guide — both available separately. Directing Tools for Teachers could be of independent use to drama teachers and others with theater experience looking for content to do a school play.

Acting Tools for grades 3-4 and 4-5 (ages 8-10) are in development.

Directing Tools for Teachers contains:

Suggested Interpretations

Stumped about how to interpret the plays for this age group? This chapter explores different ways that teaching artists have interpreted 40-minute versions in the classroom using each play’s theme as a basis.

Contemporary English Version

Line-by-line paraphrases of Shakespeare’s text created by STAGEiT! for each of the four plays to build understanding of the text. Student worksheets are available separately in Acting Tools or for free download on this site!

Notable Quotes

Did you know that ‘Tis neither here nor there is from Othello, To thine own self be true is from Hamlet, and It was Greek to me appears in Julius Caesar? Popular sayings such as these are identified from the four plays, their meaning explained, and possible inquiry questions suggested.

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Directing Tools for Teachers Grades 5-8: Hamlet, Henry V, Julius Caesar, Othello

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